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Stephen D. Wrage

Stephen Wrage is a commentator on international affairs

His latest book is Spirits Talking: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Abigail Adams Argue Right and Wrong in the Affairs of States, published by Paradigm Press.

It is a set of dialogues laying out three theoretical perspectives on issues in ethics and international affairs. In 2016, he will publish The Politics and Strategy of No-Fly Zones with Ashgate.

Dr. Wrage earned his B.A. in Classics in 1974 at Amherst College. On graduating, he went to Athens for two years where he taught at Athens College, a school for Greek students.

Returning to the U.S. he taught at St. Albans School in Washington, worked at the Brookings Institution for Mr. Helmut Sonnefeldt and attended the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

In 2004, he published Immaculate Warfare, a study of the ethical, practical and command issues raised by precision guided munitions. In 1995, he spent a Fulbright year teaching at the National University of Singapore.

He has written about that severely controlled society for The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Asian Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic Monthly.

In 1991, he held a Pew Faculty Fellowship in International Affairs at the Kennedy School of Government.

Beginning in 1980, he served as assistant dean of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and wrote his dissertation — a study of human rights in American foreign policy — at Johns Hopkins under the direction of Dr. Robert Osgood.

He has published scholarly articles and books on a variety of topics in ethics and American foreign policy and is the author of a number of widely used case studies of actual ethical quandaries experienced by officers in the American military.

Dr. Wrage is an open ocean sailor and brews his own beer.

Articles by Stephen D. Wrage

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