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Susan Flaherty

Washington-based lawyer

Susan Flaherty is Corporate and Tax Counsel, Roha & Flaherty, Washington, D.C.

In addition to enjoying her law practice devoted to non-profit sector organizations worldwide, she has a keen interest in travel.

Having visited over 25 countries, she has also pedaled over 20,000 miles on a bicycle in China, New Zealand, Europe, Canada and the United States. Her most recent adventure was a walk about in Bhutan.

In addition to coping with her energetic five-year old daughter, Fiona, she actively pursues her interests in art and travel photography, the flute — and collecting Yixing teaware and Native American pottery.

Articles by Susan Flaherty

A Place Called Bhutan

How does the country of Bhutan reconcile traditional and religious beliefs with more modern influences?

April 17, 2006