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Susanne Dieper

Director of Programs and Grants at AICGS.

Susanne Dieper is the Director of Programs and Grants at AICGS. She oversees the Institute’s programs and projects within the three AICGS program areas, manages all AICGS fellowships and is in charge of grant writing.

Ms. Dieper’s current focus is on issues related to transatlantic relations, immigration and integration, diversity, the next generation of leaders, workforce education and reconciliation. She also develops programs to better understand the challenges and choices facing Germany and the United States in a broader global arena.

Prior to joining AICGS, she worked in transatlantic exchange programs, language acquisition as well as the insurance industry in Germany.

Ms. Dieper holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins University with a concentration in International Business and an MA in English Linguistics and Literature, History and Spanish from the University of Cologne.

Articles by Susanne Dieper

German Turks: The Third-Generation Surprise

Why third-generation German Turks feel a stronger bond with their parents’ or grandparents’ country of origin than do the older generations.

September 29, 2018