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T.K. Vogel

Associate Editor, Transitions Online

T.K. Vogel is associate editor at Transitions Online, where he covers Southeastern Europe.

A political scientist and graduate of the University of Zürich and the New School for Social Research in New York, he lived in Sarajevo for six years working with the International Rescue Committee, the UN Development Program and other organizations.

He specializes in issues of ethnic conflict, European integration and external state-building — and is currently completing a book manuscript on “engineered ethnic unmixing” in 20th Europe (with Phil Triadafilopoulos).

T.K. Vogel is a fellow of the 21st Century Trust in London and a 2003 Mellon research fellow in security and humanitarian action (New York) — as well as a senior associate of the Democratization Policy Council, a new trans-Atlantic initiative for accountability in democracy promotion.

Articles by T.K. Vogel