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Tomas Larsson


Larsson earned a Bachelor of Arts in East and Southeast Asian Studies, and a Bachelor of Social Science (Political Science) from Lund University, Sweden. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Government at Cornell University.

Larsson worked as a journalist based in Asia from 1990-2000. He was Thailand Correspondent for Business Asia (Hong Kong), and a columnist and editorial writer for Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden). Larsson also contributed to Swedish National Public Radio. Currently, Larsson is a regular on the op-ed page of Finanstidningen (Sweden) leading financial daily published in Stockholm.

Larsson’s most recent book, “The Race to the Top,” is a revised and expanded English language edition of “Världens klassresa,” which was published in Swedish by Timbro in 1999.

Articles by Tomas Larsson

Thailand’s Trade Lessons

Why do Thailand's poor have to pay the price for the country's protectionism?

March 31, 2002

Korea’s Crony Capitalism

Do Korea's conglomerates — or chaebols — prevent the country form making true economic reforms?

February 2, 2002

Brazil — The Real 20/80 Society

Is globalization bringing new life to Rio de Janeiro's shantytowns?

December 23, 2001