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William Sloane Coffin

Minister and Social Activist

Reverend William Sloane Coffin is a dedicated social activist who has committed his life to the pursuit of universal civil and human rights and international peace.

Mr. Coffin has been active and involved in movements for social change throughout his career.

He served as a chaplain at Yale University for 18 years and was one of seven “Freedom Riders” arrested during the Civil Rights Movement for protesting segregation laws.

He has also led New York’s Riverside Church as a senior minister — engaging communities in social activism on both local and national levels.

In recent years, Mr. Coffin served as a Montgomery Fellow at Dartmouth University and as president of SANE/FREEZE: Campaign for Global Security — the largest peace and justice organization in the United States.

Mr. Coffin has written several books, among them “The Courage to Love,” “A Passion for the Possible” and his most recent work, “Credo.”

Articles by William Sloane Coffin