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Publisher’s Welcome

Whether discussing politics, economics or social issues, it is impossible to ignore the impact of globalization on every aspect of human existence today. And that impact is constantly changing — and constantly growing.

At The Globalist, we seek to promote understanding of our changing world by promoting dialogue through thought-provoking features. We invite you to join us in our daily exploration into the many facets globalization.

Covering the biggest story of our lifetime

We focus on what unites and divides countries, societies and cultures, what challenges they face in the globalization era — and what solutions they can offer to the global community.

Through cross-country comparisons, our features provide the key to understanding our common future.

An open forum

The overarching goal is to help audiences everywhere in the world to make up their own mind on the issue of globalization.

The Globalist is written and edited by global-minded citizens, whether in-house staff or external. And it is read by citizens all over the world interested in better understanding emerging pathways to everybody’s global future.

The diversity of perspectives we offer ensures that our content does not advance the interests, value systems or perspectives of any one nation.

I hope you enjoy our site and will visit us frequently. I am also very interested in hearing your views about what we do right — and especially what we can do better.


Stephan Richter
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief