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Canada’s Response to the China Challenge

How should Canada address the growing threat that China poses to its economy?

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Canada’s North America Strategy

Why is Canada so confident about betting on the United States and Mexico?

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Canada: From Middle Power to Middling Presence in the World

Rather than showing dynamism on the world stage, Canada is turning inwards to manage big challenges in federal/ provincial and U.S. relations.

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Canada: At “WAR” With the US? (=Water, Arctic and Refugees)

Reflections on three key Canadian challenges coming up in bilateral relations with the U.S.

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The Huawei Crisis: Canada as a Proxy in US-China Relations

Canada will always be at risk of being used as a proxy as the U.S. manages internal and external conflicts.

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Canada’s New Assertiveness

Is Canada asserting its identity when it criticizes the U.S. foreign policy?

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The Consumer Guide to the Cost of War in Iraq: An Internet Reader

How much information on cost of the war in Iraq is available online?

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Canada Vs. China: The Huawei-Meng Crisis and Diplomacy-Free Statecraft

The Meng Wanzhou affair has profound implications for diplomacy everywhere.

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Can Canada Get Any Smaller?

How might Native American groups keep Quebec from pushing for independence?

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China’s Long View: European Imperialism in Asia

Australia’s former Prime Minister on how World War I has much to answer for a century later.

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