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Why 9/11 Was No Radical Break With American History

As tragic as September 11 was, it triggered a return to the American past – a nation driven by fear, not optimism.

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Downhill from Peak Globalization: When Will It End?

The world has encountered a series of shocks over the past 15 years. This should lead to more realistic expectations about the timetable for further globalization moves.

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9/11: The Day That Changed the World

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that the U.S. conducted after 9/11 had serious consequences for the rule of law in the world.

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The Holiday From History Is Over

Why it is not only smart, but mandatory for mature powers to stop being overly ambitious in the field of foreign policy.

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The United States: Still Trapped by Fear

What is keeping Americans in a September 2001 mentality almost a decade and a half later?

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Treating U.S. Terror Psychosis

Has the attempted cure for 9/11 made the fear more real?

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Islam and the West: Clash of Civilizations?

Is the real problem between Islam and the West — or within Islam itself?

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Human Rights Day 2014: More Than an Irony?

The United States and Brazil issue landmark reports: How can the world really do better?

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The Nagging Realities of the U.S. Foreign Policy Debate

U.S. foreign policy needs a complete rethink to move past the post-9/11 model.

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Pity the Germans!

Why can the U.S. military detain anyone worldwide for exercising press freedom?

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