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Brexit Means Brexit: May’s Time or May…hem?

Message to London: The UK’s relationship with the EU cannot be reduced to satisfying purely economic and financial interests.

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Theresa May’s Three Musketeers

Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox to take on Europe and the world, but craftily set up for failure.

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The Jingoism of British Conservatives

Leading UK conservatives act as if they know everything. But they know little about the world outside

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Theresa May: The Lady Who Loves Nuclear Submarines

An amazing turn in Britain’s post-EU strategy by Britain’s next “Iron Lady.”

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Years of Confusion and Chaos After the UK Votes

The days of civilized, parliamentary exchanges that marked British politics belong to the last century.

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Make or Break Week for Brexit and David Cameron

David Cameron will get a form of words from Brussels this week. But will it be enough?

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Brexit: A Sound Deal for Cameron?

Brussels delivers some of what Cameron wants. But is it enough to defeat Brexit?

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Cameron’s Annus Horribilis

The choices of Britain’s Prime Minister will weigh heavily on the future of Europe.

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Brexit: A Bad Idea Hard to Defeat

By voting for or against Brexit, the UK will decide much more than just its own relationship with the European Union.

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David Cameron on Europe: The Implicit and Explicit Messages

Cameron’s speech implies recasting how the UK interacts with the EU.

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