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Part VII: Principles For a “Golden Age of Prosperity and Peace”

Ethics is not about putting obstacles in people’s way, but about fundamental success principles for a prosperous and peaceful society.

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Part VI: Digital Upgrade of Democracy (“Digital Democracy”)

We need social systems that are able to produce better solutions to complex problems.

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Part V: Reform of the Financial System

A “socio-ecological finance system” would be efficient, innovation-friendly and democratic at the same time.

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Part IV: Upgrading Today’s Capitalism

Capitalism in its current form is neither fair nor sustainable.

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Part III: A New Social Contract

It is time to work out a new social contract that allows everyone to lead a proper life and determine it to a larger extent.

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Part II: Rethinking the World Economy: From Push to Pull

If we changed our throw-away society, there would be enough resources for everyone.

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Part I: The Moral Duty of the Elites

It is the moral duty of the elite to avert global disaster.

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