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India: The Perils of Digital Transformation

Just like China may grow old before it gets rich, Modi’s hoped-for manufacturing boom in India may not happen due to the onset of automation.

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India’s Noxious Cow Politics

“Cow vigilantilism” has become a threat to India’s communal harmony.

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India’s 2017 Election Shocker

What’s behind Modi’s (and the BJP’s) unexpectedly big wins in key Indian state elections?

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How Modi Mobilizes the Indian Diaspora

Overseas Indians are central to the Indian Prime Minister’s larger strategic objective of turning India into a leading power on the world stage.

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Donald Trump: The Narendra Modi of America?

Two outsiders in India and the United States, each determined to tackle their country’s exhausted political establishment.

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Britain’s Royalty, India’s Royalty: A Comparison

What can India learn from Britain’s William and Kate and the House of Windsor? We have our own “royals.”

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Why India Needs More Freedom

The world’s second-largest nation faces a true culture clash.

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