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China: Standing Up to US on Iran

Chinese purchases of Iranian oil raise tantalizing questions.

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Iran Nuclear Deal: China Approaches a Watershed

Salvaging the Iranian nuclear deal could come at a cost China may not want to pay.

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Trump: A New Reagan? Or a New Chamberlain?

Trump is the worst appeaser since Britain’s Neville Chamberlain. He is weakening the United States, emboldening its enemies and shattering the world order.

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Trump and the Dangerous Politics of Humiliation

Donald Trump’s foreign policy of humiliation is liable to have dire consequences, not least for the interests of the U.S. itself.

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The New Age of American Imperialism

The Trump version of the United States has relinquished its leadership. It is Europe’s responsibility to step in.

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Playing US Sanctions: China Walks a Fine Line in Iran

The Chinese experience in circumventing earlier sanctions will come in handy with Beijing rejecting Trump’s renewed effort to isolate Iran.

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Iraq on the Mend?

In the upcoming Iraqi election, Sunni Muslims may emerge with a sense of being part of Iraq’s political process and future.

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Decertifying the Iran Deal Is Dangerously Reckless

Trump’s dreadful mistake of decertifying the JCPOA could have horrifying consequences for the Middle East.

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Trump and the Exit of T-Rex

Trump gets ever closer to having a puppet cabinet. This is dangerous for the United States, but more importantly dangerous for the world.

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Annulling the Iran Deal: A Dangerous Strategic Mistake

Trump rendering the Iran deal null and void will irreparably undermine America’s global, moral and political leadership.

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