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Meloni: Mussolini’s Come Back in Italy?

Giorgia Meloni is a cynical, quick-lipped, unmarried mother who speaks French and passable English. She is many things, but she is not a female Mussolini.

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Italy and the Euro

If a radical government in Rome plunges Italy into a deep crisis, it would still be an Italian crisis — rather than a “euro“ crisis.

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Will Italy Spell the End of the Euro?

France and Germany will be very flexible in their response to Italian demands, irrespective of the official rhetoric from Berlin and Paris.

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Europe Knows Where It Doesn’t Want to Go

As Germany and Italy decide the shape of their future governments, the EU is making slow progress. It is abandoning lofty schemes and determined to focus on people’s real problems.

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Italy’s Elections: How Germany Is Italianizing Itself

Italian politicians warning against “Germany-type problems” in forming a government after the next election are a truly striking moment of European integration – although not a particularly welcome one.

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