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SPD: Andrea Nahles’ Elusive Task

Why it is practically impossible for the SPD to reinvent itself.

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German Politics: The Limbo Is Over

With a new term for Merkel, Germany and Europe can breathe a sigh of relief.

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Britain’s Master Plan Regarding Europe

Britain and the EU

What can be done to derail a United States of Europe, or at least to neuter it?

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Germany’s SPD: To Serve or Not to Serve under Merkel?

The election and subsequent choice of coalition matter. But the differences between the various options are modest rather than stark.

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The German Consensus Machine

Don’t look for major policy changes in Germany after the September 24 federal elections.

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Is Germany Really Poverty-Stricken?

Fake facts, presented under the cover of academic neutrality, become a 2017 election topic in Germany.

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