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The Republican War On the Poor

How credible are the Republicans claims that they support the poor?

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Meeting the Global Challenge of Children With Disabilities

Addressing the needs of children with disabilities is a sign of a compassionate and intelligent society.

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AIDS: China’s Growing Threat

How is China handling its rising HIV/AIDS infection rate?

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Health in China: The Environmental Toll on Children

How can China ensure the health of its children by protecting its environment?

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Iraqi Children: Bearing the Scars of War

What psychological damage is being done to the children of Iraq?

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Violence Against Women: A Hidden Pandemic (Part II)

What factors cause increases in violence against women?

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Afghanistan’s Public Health Emergency

What can the Obama administration do to help alleviate the health — and security — situation in Afghanistan?

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Iraq’s Public Health Crisis

Will improving public health in Iraq help end the war and bring stability?

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