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US and Afghanistan: War Lost, Empire Prevailing?

Unless the U.S. can accept a more modest role in a multipolar world, more Afghanistan-type misadventures are inevitable.

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Come November, a US Coup d’Etat?

Could Donald Trump call out the U.S. Army again, after losing the November election?

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Trump’s Military Pomp: A Sign of Weakness

Trump’s penchant for military parades harks back to the old unlamented Soviet Union.

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Trump’s Next Move: Purging the U.S. Military?

The only force that could stop Trump if he ever tried to violate the Constitution would not be the Democrats, but probably the U.S. military.

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The Benefits of the Post-American Order

The most pivotal insight for the post-American world order is that the pursuit of economic self-interest and self-preservation go hand in hand, whether at the national, regional or global level.

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Trump’s Generals Await Their Coup de Grâce

Nobody sticks around long in the Trump Administration once they cross Trump on an issue that is meaningful to him.

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Trump’s Steel Tariffs: Soft on China and Russia, Tough on Allies

Everything you always wanted to know about section 232 of the U.S. Act on steel and aluminum, but were always afraid to ask.

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Afghanistan: A Morally Corrupting War

There is no military solution to the war in Afghanistan. The solution to the debacle lies with the Afghan tribes.

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US Military: Too Much Tactics, Too Little Strategy

America and its military’s proclivity for perpetual war – and what that means for the war against Islamist terrorists.

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Defense’s Other Mega Spenders

Who are the 19 nations that spend more on defense as a share of their national economy than even the United States does?

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