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A Contrarian Call on France

Macron suffered the fate of his predecessors — shortly after taking office, popularity slumps. But the worst may be over now.

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Macron at the Barricades

Is it all downhill for President Macron from here on out? The early political fortunes of two other major Western reform politicians – Margaret Thatcher and Bill Clinton – should provide comfort.

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An Impending Yellow Vest Moment for the US?

France has been gripped by them, but the yellow vest movement has so far failed to take hold elsewhere. Could the United States be next?

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Toward a People-Centered Globalization?

After the Yellow Vests challenged Macron in France, is there a way out of the conundrum for the G20 nations?

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Macron = Renzi? Probably Not

Macron has two advantages over Matteo Renzi: A solid majority in parliament and the ability to give protesters some fiscal concessions.

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In Charts: The Yellow Vests

A collection of charts, maps and graphs explaining France, the presidency of Emmanuel Macron and the Yellow Vest protests.

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Will Macron End Like François Hollande – Or Matteo Renzi?

France’s current political fight is over the country’s ability to accept evolutionary – rather than revolutionary — change.

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“Yellow Vests”: The First Rebellion Against the Ecological Transition

Previous rebellions in France were against the markets and globalization. The Yellow Vest rebellion is against a change in our way of life.

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Trouble for Macron?

Facing yellow vests, Macron does not see red yet.

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