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Who is a Globalist?

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About 420 B.C., over 2,400 years ago, the philosopher Democritus of Abdera wrote: “To a wise man, the whole earth is open. For the native land of a good soul is the whole earth.”

At The Globalist, we believe such a “wise man” or woman to be the audience we are writing for.

The globalist’s watchwords: Inclusivity and curiosity

Globalists are not an elite circle of business or political leaders attempting to push forward their vested interests.

They are rather an inclusive and diverse group, driven by life-long curiosity. A globalist thinks deeply about the world and has a holistic view of global challenges.

Anyone with an openness to learning about, and from, the world is a globalist.

Rejecting binary solutions

By nature, globalists tend to be empathetic. They are willing to put themselves in the shoes of others and to listen to alternative points of view without judgement.

Globalists do not believe in black and white divisions between “us” and “them,” or in the inevitability of a clash of civilizations. For they are aware that such binary options are tantamount to a denial of our common humanity.

Humanity’s borders? The whole earth

While proud of their national identities, true globalists acknowledge that borders are ultimately arbitrary lines drawn on a map.

The only definitive borders that humanity cannot alter are those of the whole earth, a planet that is our common heritage and responsibility. Globalists are thus free of the over-heated emotions of jingoism.

Sceptics, but not cynics

Although skeptical of received wisdom, globalists are not cynics. They believe in interrogating the “facts,” but they also believe that this process can be a force for positive change.

They have a desire to understand the complex dynamics that shape the world and to harness these in a direction that is fair and equitable for all.

The praxis of discovery

Globalists avoid rigid certainties. What unites globalists them is an interest in the practice of constant discovery and cross-border exploration. Contrary to some insinuations, this is not an elitist pursuit.

As Democritus indicated all those centuries ago, wisdom lies in realizing that we are all natives of this world.

Welcome to our tribe