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5 Facts: The World’s Largest City

Tokyo stands above the rest as the world’s largest metropolitan economy.

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  • Tokyo stands above the rest as the world’s largest metropolitan economy.
  • Tokyo’s population is larger than Canada’s, yet its residents occupy just 1/1000th the land area.
  • Tokyo is both the world’s most populous city and the world’s largest metropolitan economy.

1. With a GDP of $1.62 trillion in 2014, Tokyo leads all metropolitan areas of the world in terms of the size of its economy. It ranks ahead of New York City.

2. With a population of 37 million, Greater Tokyo has a population that exceeds the entire population of Canada (35.2 million) — while occupying only about a thousandth the land area.

3. Tokyo is home to almost 30% of the population of Japan, the world’s tenth largest national population.

4. In 2014, Tokyo’s economy was responsible for 33% of Japan’s national GDP ($4.91 trillion).

5. Tokyo’s GDP is larger than Mainland China’s three largest urban economies combined — Shanghai ($594 billion), Beijing ($506.1 billion) and Guangzhou ($380.2 billion).

Source: Brookings Institution, with additional analysis by The Globalist Research Center

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