Anatol Lieven

Anatol Lieven is a professor in the War Studies Department at King's College London.

A Peace Plan for Ukraine

What does it take to let reason prevail?

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Going Hunting in Pakistan

How does a hunting trip in Pakistan provide a glimpse into the country’s feudal past — and its dangerous present?

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My Visit to Khanti-Mansiisk, Part II

How is the Siberian town of Khanti-Mansiisk the embodiment of Gorbachev’s dreams for Russia?

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My Visit to Khanti-Mansiisk, Part I

Why is Khanti-Mansiisk the perfect meeting place for the EU-Russia talks?

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Assessing Putin

What drives Vladimir Putin, what dogs him — and what role will he play in the Russian state of the future?

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Dining With Putin

What is it like to have Putin as a dinner host at his presidential villa?

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