Alan McPherson

Alan McPherson is the Chair of Latin American Studies and the Director of the Center for the Americas at the University of Oklahoma. Follow him @AlanMcPherson1

The Letelier Assassination: A Watershed in Counter-Terrorism

How the killing of a former Chilean ambassador in Washington, DC became a watershed moment in the West’s struggle against terrorism.

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U2’s Activism: From Innocence to Experience

How an Irish rock band turned raw activism into a refined lobby for good.

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The United States and Cuba: Toward Normalization, Finally

A victory for diplomacy in time for the holidays.

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50 Years Ago: Lyndon Johnson’s First Foreign Crisis

On January 9, 1964, a new president’s foreign policy skills were put to the test by a crisis in Panama.

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When Gringos Get It Right

When it comes to Iraq, what can the United States learn from its 20th century occupations in Latin America?

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Iraq and the Politics of Withdrawal: Lessons from U.S. Occupations in Latin America

What lessons has the United States failed to draw from its occupations in Latin America?

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