Ashutosh Sheshabalaya

Ashutosh Sheshabalaya heads SolvX, a global security services and research firm.

COVID 19: Six Uncomfortable Questions

How will the coronavirus crisis affect business, education, food supply and security?

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COVID 19: 21st Century Reality Check

Beyond airlines and cruise ships, what is the business outlook for Airbnb, co-living, bars and cafes, discos and cinemas, open-air markets?

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India’s New Sense of Nation: Not a Hindu Thing

Media reports about India’s new citizenship rules and its impact on Muslim minorities swings between the tendentious, the comical and the absurd.

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Lessons for the World from Trump’s Win

An emerging market perspective on a presumed American cataclysm.

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Traveling Across the EU on a BMW (Part II)

How are the effects of the economic crisis visible to a motorcyclist riding through Europe?

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Traveling Across the EU on a BMW (Part I)

How does Europe look through the eyes of an Indian motorcyclist?

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India's High-Tech in the 5th Century (Part II)

How have India’s early scientists impacted Western thought?

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India and Britain: A Tortured Relationship (Part I)

Why do China and India think in terms of generations, not quarterly results?

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The Geography of Corporate Scandal: Satyam and Indian IT

How does the collapse of an Indian IT giant really affect the country’s industry as a whole?

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Contours of a Euro Bailout

Will the current financial crisis be remembered as a devasting collapse or just a minor shifting of the ground?

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