Branko Milanovic

Branko Milanovic is the Presidential Professor at the City University of New York's Graduate Center, and Senior Scholar at Luxembourg Income Survey.

Is Norway the New East India Company?

A tale of gas and oil, opium and hypocrisy: If climate activists are unable to convince the richest country in the world of the benefits of climate control, how do they plan to convince Mexico, Nigeria or Russia?

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The Non-exemplary Lives of Economists

Can privileged social scientists produce great breakthroughs?

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Putin’s Oligarchs and Yeltsin’s Oligarchs: All the Same?

The Putin oligarchs are billionaires who serve at the discretion of the state. The original Yeltsin-type oligarchs owned the state.

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Is Economic Autarky Russia’s Only Option?

Even Chinese entities, if they themselves plan to do business or raise money in the United States, will avoid doing business with Russian entities.

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Will the Bourgeoisie Ever Rule in China?

Applying Marx’s theories to today’s Communist China.

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The Harsh Realism of Adam Smith

Adam Smith was no blind worshipper of the market economy. He pointed to many of the deformations of human behavior that we still deplore today.

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“Nice” China? The Aloofness of Pax Sinica

Given its inherent sense of superiority, could China — once a global hegemon — be more peaceful than its Western (and especially U.S.) predecessors?

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Dining Alone in a Hyper-Competitive World

What can solo dining tell us about the way of life we lead?

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Tackling Global Inequality

Why can’t 20th century tools be used to address 21st century income inequality?

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Ending Inequality Between Countries: Not By Trade Alone

Is a world of approximately equal country incomes really possible to envisage any time soon?

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