Bernard Wasow

Bernard Wasow is Mexico based and a former professor of economics at New York University.

Fixing the US Immigration System: Back to the Future

The US needs to return to stop discriminating against those with little education. Let’s set up an immigration lottery to make it work.

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Qatar: A Pariah?

Unlike its neighbors, Qatar has continued to do well ranked by perceived corruption.

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Five Ways to Fight Populism

The best response to populism is active government policy. We need more and better smart liberalism.

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US Expats in Mexico: Will We Be Thrown Out?

What will happen to Americans living in Mexico if the hostility toward Mexican-Americans is put into action?

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Thriving on Immigration

The U.S. experience offers Europe hope that the process of cultural digestion is manageable.

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The World Bank: The Data Gatherer That Did Not Gather Data

The World Bank subtly dodges debate about income inequality in rich countries.

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Bridging the Gender Gap

Does Islam really limit the opportunities and achievements of women?

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East Africa: Left Behind

Why have fertility rates in East Africa bucked the global trend — and what does this mean for the region’s future?

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How Europe and the U.S. Dropped the Baton

What does the end of U.S. and European global dominance mean for the world economy?

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Freedom and Corruption

Do the data suggest that there is any stable relationship between democracy and corruption?

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