Behzad Yaghmaian

Behzad Yaghmaian is a professor of political economy at Ramapo College in New Jersey. [United States]

Iran, Trump and Bannon’s War in the Middle East?

For the first time, migration policy is used as an instrument of foreign policy. Delinking migration from foreign policy must be a priority for Trump’s opponents

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Trump’s Muslim Ban: Memoir of an Iranian American

An Iranian immigrant’s reflections on President Trump’s muslim ban and war threats.

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The Golden Dawn and the Stranded Refugee Children in Greece

Looking into the lives of refugees who left Turkey for the Greek Islands seeking safety and security.

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Escaping the Prison Island: Forgotten Refugees of Chios

The refugees trying to escape Chios shows the world’s failure to protect victims of one of the worst humanitarian disasters.

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Assault on Atatürk

Turkey is hit by more human tragedies.

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World Humanitarian Summit: Syrian Child Refugees in Turkey

The summit is a timely opportunity to turn the world’s gaze to the protection needs of the displaced Syrian children.

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A Love Letter to 339 Lafayette: NYC Then and Now

Memories of student activism in a changing New York neighborhood.

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The Thorniest Question for Bernie Sanders

Under what conditions should Bernie Sanders endorse Hillary Clinton?

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Letter to my Baby Daughter Zoe

Explaining Bernie Sanders policies to my daughter.

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Love Letter to a Troubled Turkey

Reflections on the occasion of the car bomb in Ankara.

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