Carl Bindenagel

Carl Bindenagel is a policy analyst and writer on social justice and social policy.

Trump: A Loser?

Trump is like the Phantom Menace: He should be gone, but he keeps coming back.

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There Goes Viktor Orban Again

Hungary’s Viktor Orban isn’t a defender of anybody’s rights. He is an unvarnished unilateralist and, like Putin, a world-class cynic.

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How Republicans Rule the US via the Supreme Court

Justice Kennedy’s retirement will only worsen the trend of the U.S. Supreme Court serving as a political wing of the Republican Party.

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Globalists and Patriots

Globalists are patriots who have a worldview that is not limited to the political boundaries of one state.

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After Tillerson: How the U.S. Government Mimics Russia’s

Washington is becoming eerily similar to Putin’s government of FSB cronies.

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America’s Mezzogiorno: Take the Money and Run

federal reserve

What is the outcome of the anti-government legislating for the southern U.S. states?

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America’s Mezzogiorno: How the South Really Operates

How southern U.S. Republicans embrace and reject big government at the same time.

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America’s Mezzogiorno: A Thanksgiving Reflection

Why are U.S. southern states so determined not to serve the very real needs of their poor populations?

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The Perils of Russian Propaganda

How Putin’s propaganda machine defeats itself.

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The Republican War on the Poor, Continued

Why are U.S. conservatives determined to downplay the successes of government anti-poverty programs?

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