Christopher Whalen

Christopher Whalen is the executive vice president and managing director for Carrington Holding Company, LLC.

Is It Global Weimar?

Must debt restructuring and reduction occur for the West’s economies to truly recover?

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A New Monetary Order

Are the American people likely to embrace fiscal stringency if and when the other nations of the world demand it?

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What Is Really Killing the Big Banks?

Why haven't more limitations been placed on the sales of credit debt swaps?

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Latin America: What the Movies Tell Us

What can 1940s Hollywood movies teach us about Latin American economics?

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A Striking Cost

What would be the global economic fallout of a strike by U.S. longshoremen?

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Mexico’s Fox — or Chicken?

What is issues surround the political future of Mexican President Vicente Fox?

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Latin Dominos Falling?

Could an economic domino theory prove true for Latin America in the wake of Argentina’s crisis?

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