Ellis Mnyandu

Ellis Mnyandu is the Founder and CEO of Candid Media in South Africa.

Madonsela’s Leadership: A Ray of Hope in Turbulent South Africa

Thuli Madonsela is one of those people in South Africa whose leadership bears the hallmarks of Mandela’s exceptional ethos.

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From Employee to Self-Employed

Large organizations stifle creativity: Why we need parameters (not rules) to operate within (not under).

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South Africa’s Road To Economic Wilderness

The sacking of the finance minister for trying to turn things around does not bode well.

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South Africa: Is This What We Want the World To See?

South Africa’s socio-economic strains are becoming untenable.

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South Africa: Cry, the Beloved Country

What took South Africa from 1994 to 2014 will not take it to 2034.

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An American “Reset” for Africa?

Africa no longer needs the U.S. as a benefactor. It wants a relationship based on mutual interests.

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Nigeria: An Incentive for South Africa

Bigger GDPs for other countries in Africa are not a zero-sum game.

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Nelson Mandela: Humanity’s Standard-Bearer

For a long time, Mandela’s name was merely worth a whisper. Yet what he stood for now reverberates across the world, loud and clear.

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