Ira Straus

Ira Straus is the Chair, Center for War/Peace Studies and U.S. Coordinator, Committee on Eastern Europe and Russia in NATO.

Is Russia Fascist?

No previous fascism made it past its youth. This one is a late-stage fascism. It necessarily takes some styles and structures from late-stage Soviet Communism.

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Donald Trump: King of Global Trade?

With Canada and Mexico in the bag, Europe and the Pacific are the next places for Trump to take his trade show.

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Remembering the Start of Globalization

The train of globalization left the station when Columbus reached the Americas. It will never go back.

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Trump and the Minimum Wage: How to Trade with Mexico

The Trump trade deal with Mexico is, in a smaller way for now, another of those rare Nixon in China moments. It has the potential to alter the arc of contemporary history.

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A Preview of Donald Trump’s Next Speech on Erdogan’s Turkey

Reflections on how to Make Turkey Great Again.

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Is Erdogan a Leninist?

The devious art of categorizing all political enemies as “terrorists”

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Turkey’s Totalitarian Democracy

Reflections on the emerging totalitarian form of Islamic democracy.

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Why the United States and the West Can’t Win With Turkey

Examining the perfectly closed loops of circular Islamist thinking.

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The Optical Illusion of Western Decline (Part II)

Why is the false narrative of Western decline so persistent?

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Toward a Pacific-Oriented America? (Part I)

Is the United States really shifting from an Atlantic to an Asia-Pacific orientation?

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