Ira Straus

Ira Straus is the Chair, Center for War/Peace Studies and U.S. Coordinator, Committee on Eastern Europe and Russia in NATO.

Default and the Sectarian Temptation: America’s Achilles’ Heel

How has sectarianism caused the United States to run suicidal risks — repeatedly and unnecessarily?

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The Sarkozy Moment: The United States and France

Has the G-8 summit given the Bush Administration a unique opportunity to repair its relations with France?

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Nixon to China, Bush to Kyoto?

Why should George W. Bush ratify the Kyoto Protocol in the wake of hurricane Katrina?

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U.S. Conservatism and UN Bashing

Why should U.S. conservatives be fighting to strengthen the UN, not bring it down?

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Ukraine: Russia's Day After

Can the West help Russia adapt to new realities?

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Putin and the Rising Tide of Paranoia

How can the West help ease Russian fears over Ukraine?

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