Javier Santiso

Spanish Soccer Teams and Sovereign Wealth Funds

Are sponsorships of sports clubs beachheads for sovereign wealth funds’ investments in the West's national champions?

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Spain 3.0

How can Spain move its economy into the 21st century and overcome the financial crisis?

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Changing Asian and Latin American Relations

How did China displace Japan as Asia’s main partner in Latin America?

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Cognitive Dissonance and the Financial Crisis

How did the financial crisis demonstrate the need to accommodate cognitive dissonance within our institutions?

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Emerging Markets: The End of an Artificial Category?

Are emerging markets the new leaders of economic growth?

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Chinese Walls in Emerging Markets

Do emerging countries’ financial markets suffer from a lack of transparency?

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China as a Stimulus for Latin America?

Does competition with China help or hinder Latin America’s progress?

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Sovereign Development Funds

What are the consequences of developing economies’ growing influence in the global market?

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Mexico: The Great Transformation

How did Mexico transform its economy to become one of the most dynamic in Latin America?

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The Latin American Waltz

From cross-border invasions to energy shortages, how is Latin America a study in contrasts?

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