Lester Brown

Lester Brown is the co-founder and president of the Earth Policy Institute in Washington, DC.

Does Saudi Arabia Have the United States Over a Barrel?

What does the United States need to do to lessen its dependence on Saudi oil?

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China’s Shrinking Grain Harvest

What is the impact of China's grain shortage on the global economy?

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The United States and the Global War on Cigarettes

Could this be the area where the entire world willingly follows U.S. leadership?

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Will the United States Ever Be a Real Environmental Force?

How can the United States be motivated to restructure its whole economy?

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Tuvalu’s Disappearance Act

How did a small island nation prosper with globalization, but suffer side effects?

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Restructuring the Global Energy Economy

Are renewable energy sources gaining ground against fossil fuels?

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The Global Water Deficit

How can governments around the world avoid water shortages of global proportions?

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The Answer Is Blowing in the Wind

How has the global energy economy changed — and what does it mean for the future?

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Thailand and Italy: Curious Partners?

How much do both countries’ Prime Ministers have in common?

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The Second Coming of Copernicus

Is the environment is part of the economy — or the economy is part of the environment?

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