Meghnad Desai

Meghnad Desai is a member of the British House of Lords and an emeritus professor of economics at the London School of Economics.

Trump: Return to (Classic) US Isolationism

Donald Trump is a very imperfect messenger, but he heralds a lasting return to the traditional stance of US foreign policy.

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High Time for Europe to Wake Up

Why it is in Germany’s own self-interest to take Donald Trump’s policy impulses on trade and defense seriously.

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The Space Trump Fills in America’s Racial Politics

Trump has hit upon a unique vulnerability in mainstream U.S. politics on race and cannot be dislodged.

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Smoke Chokes Delhi as Modi Reforms the Currency

Delhi pollution problem aggravates and India’s Prime Minister just took the most radical decision ever to attack corruption.

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Donald Trump: The Narendra Modi of America?

Two outsiders in India and the United States, each determined to tackle their country’s exhausted political establishment.

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After Paris: Long Cycles in Politics and History

The world still awaits a resolution of the end of the Ottoman Empire, Caliphate or not.

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Greece: What Lies Ahead?

To protect the weak, Syriza has to extend a hand to the powerful, especially foreign investors.

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UK Conservatives and Labour Should Form Grand Coalition

A German style solution is needed to handle the fracturing of UK politics.

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Why Greece Needs a Referendum

And why Germany should welcome it this time.

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Greece: Exiting the Euro Or Not?

greek ballot

The Greek people and the German government may favor the same option.

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