Matthew Hulbert

Matthew Hulbert is the lead analyst for European Energy Review.

Iran, Oil and U.S. Electoral Politics

Are U.S. energy and foreign policy objectives at odds with the electoral strategies of the presidential candidates?

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The Amazing U.S. Confusion Over Iran Oil Sanctions

How are U.S. politicians undermining their Iran santions in their pursuit of lower gas prices?

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Iranian Endgame: Part II — The Saudi Dimension

How will Saudi Arabia and China influence the outcome of the West’s standoff with Iran?

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Iranian Endgame: Part I — Sanctions and Asia

Can sanctions on oil exports provide enough bite to induce Tehran to abandon its nuclear ambitions?

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Egypt and the Global Oil Market: Geopolitics Is Back

Markets are extraordinarily bad at getting political risk right — and the Egypt crisis is no exception.

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China’s Instability Paradox

Why is China pursuing oil resources in unstable countries without regard for the political risk entailed?

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After the $147-Barrel Bubble (Part II)

How are oil prices linked to political reform?

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After the $147-Barrel Bubble (Part I)

What lessons should oil-producing states learn from the recent volatility in oil prices?

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Inconvenient Geopolitical Truths

What does politics have to do with oil markets?

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Asia: A Vision for 2015

Despite substantial growth, what needs to be done to reduce poverty in Asia?

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