Michael Lind

Michael Lind is policy director of the New America Foundation’s Economic Growth Program and a regular columnist for Salon.

The British Seeds of American Decline

Is the decline of the United States as an economic superpower inevitable? Or can it avoid the mistakes of past superpowers?

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A Citizen-Based Social Contract for the U.S.

Is a citizen-based social contract too much for American citizens to handle?

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The United States in the Global Concert of Powers

Should the United States move toward a more multilateral foreign policy?

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Dean, Yankee of Vermont

Is Howard Dean’s biggest obstacle to overcome on the road to the White House that he is such a Yankee?

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The Strange Turn of U.S. Neoconservatism

How did the neocons mutate into a globe-shattering phenomenon?

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The Strange Path of "Neoconservatism"

What transformations did the neoconservative movement undergo before it emerged in its current powerful form?

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European Origins of American Democracy

Does America have unique democratic ideals?

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Immigrant Intellectuals and American Grand Strategy

Is 19th-century European thinking shaping 21st-century U.S. foreign policy?

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George W. Bush's Holy War

How much of the U.S. foreign policy is based on politics — and how much on faith?

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Made in Texas

Michael Lind explores the impact of the Lone Star state on U.S. politics.

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