Mohammed Nosseir

Mohammed Nosseir is an Egyptian liberal politician who advocates for advancing political participation and economic freedom.

The Challenges of Being a Muslim

How does one lead a righteous life, while living tensely?

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Shunning Egypt’s Al Sisi?

The West was not only happy to flirt with Mubarak. It is also still in bed with plenty of bad guys.

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Egypt: Al Sisi’s Solo Rule: Can it Last?

The strongman drives Egypt like a racecar, but in the wrong direction.

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Egypt: Al Sisi’s Truman Show

Like the Pharaohs of old, Egypt’s President gives his people trophies – but doesn’t address their basic needs.

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Can the Iran Deal Shift the Middle East?

Moving a region from confrontation to containment.

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Arabs and Westerners: The Widening Gap

An analysis of the difference in value systems.

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