Martin Walker

The Coming British Collapse

As Britons prepare to head to the polls, how could a hung parliament provoke an instant financial crisis?

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A Special Relationship No More?

Will the May 6 British elections lead to fissures in the U.S.-Britain relationship?

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Revealing Little-Known Innovations

What bright ideas do today’s innovators have for improving the technology of tomorrow?

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Looking on the Bright Side

Is the end in sight for the global economic crisis?

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Europe and the Battle for France

How will the outcome of France’s presidential election resonate in Europe — and beyond?

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Battling for the New Asia

What are the key factors in the diplomatic battle over Asia’s future?

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A Democratic Revolution in the Middle East?

Can democracy gain a sustained foothold in the Middle East?

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The Washington-Jerusalem-Tehran Triangle

Who is the Middle Eastern power of the future?

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D-Day: The End of Wars?

How much did D-Day contribute to ringing in the end of nation state warfare?

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The Good Vs. the Bad Europe

What are the possible scenario's for Europe's future?

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