Robert Bischof

Robert Bischof is the Chairman of German British Forum, London and Vice-President of German British Chamber of Industry & Commerce, London.

Trump and Germany: On Trade Imbalances and Exchange Rates

Germany should point out to Trump that it is his own irresponsible macroeconomic policies that make the dollar strong and the euro weak.

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Lessons from the UK’s Olympic Success for the Country’s Economy

Intriguing parallels between Olympics, English football and the business landscape of the country.

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Is English Glory Foreign-Made?

Intriguing parallels between English football and the economic and political landscape of the country.

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UK: Currency Markets and the Price of Independence

It is clear that Britain will not join the Euro – not now and probably not ever.

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Economic Headaches Await Next UK Government

Confronting the trinity of the (current account, budget and household) deficits.

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Can Britain Surpass Germany Economically?

To get ahead, the UK should adapt German strategies.

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