Soner Cagaptay

Soner Cagaptay is director of the Turkish Research Program at The Washington Institute.

Erdogan’s Big Gamble on the Hagia Sophia

Turkey’s president, desperate to boost his popularity at home, further damages his country’s international standing.

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Turkey’s Rising Wave of Social Protests

This year’s Istanbul election and last year’s move to a presidential system have unified and galvanized the opposition, raising questions about Erdogan’s next move.

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Why Erdogan Won’t Let Istanbul Slip Away

Erdogan can use any number of legal, political or foreign policy tools to ensure his candidate wins this time around, no matter the reputational costs.

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How President Erdogan Is Turning Turkey Into Putin’s Russia

Erdogan is driving out business people and the well-educated – the economic forces he needs to achieve his goal of transforming the country into a great power.

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Turkish-Russian-Iranian Summit: Limits to a Tripartite Entente

Putin has Turkey exactly where he wants it: As an upset NATO ally willing to break ranks with the alliance’s stance toward Russia.

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Turkey: Europe Out, Middle East In

As the primary source of tourists visiting Turkey shifts from Europe to the Middle East, a 150 year-long era comes to a close.

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Turkey Cozying Up to Russia and Iran

What does history teach us about the real prospects of closer Turkish relations with Russia and Iran?

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Erdogan’s Futile Yearning for Omnipotence

Turkey has become too diverse demographically, too big economically and too complicated politically for one person to shape in his own image.

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Turkey’s Warming Ties With Iran

The two countries appear to be compartmentalizing their shared and divergent interests in Syria and Iraq.

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Why Erdogan is on a Nationalist Path

Erdogan’s embrace of nationalist rhetoric and actions could have important repercussions on Turkish foreign policy.

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