Thomas Mayer

Thomas Mayer is Founding Director of the Flossbach von Storch Research Institute in Cologne, Germany, and the former Chief Economist of Deutsche Bank Group.

Huntington Reloaded: Reflections on German Escapism

The three candidates to succeed Angela Merkel as German Chancellor are woefully unprepared to deal with geopolitical pressures.

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Greece’s Pyrrhic Victory

EMU membership keeps Greece locked in deflationary debt and cost reduction.

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Germany’s New Government: Abandoning German Interests in Europe

Don’t blame the French for seeking to pursue French interests and see to it that the French economic model prevails in Europe. But Berlin acts imprudently by accommodating that desire.

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The Italian-German Banking Disease

Economically, Italy and Germany seem worlds apart. Why then are the two countries’ banks both facing a deep crisis?

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Brexit: Separating the Good From the Bad From the Ugly

It is high time for Europe to engage in nuanced analysis of the Brexit vote. Part of the protest was right on target. The EU should learn from it.

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From Trump to Erdogan: The Rise of the “Identitarians”

Supporters of identity politics feel safer by shutting doors to the rest of the world. Who pays the price? How did elites contribute to it all?

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The English Patient: Help Needed

A “Brexit light” would help heal the divisions of British society and lead to a more flexible EU.

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Italian Nights: Europe’s New Trench Warfare

A not-so-imaginary chat between German and Italian economists reveals differing national views on the euro and economic cultures.

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Can American History Save the Euro?

Can the eurozone successfully model its monetary and fiscal community on the U.S. political regime of the 19th century?

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Stoiber Vs. Schröder: Does it Matter?

Compared to Gerhard Schröder, would Edmund Stoiber really be all that different a chancellor?

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