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Abigail Nehring

UN Bureau Reporter for Talk Radio News Service

Abigail Nehring is a reporter at the United Nations bureau of Talk Radio News Service and a freelance writer based in New York. In addition to The Globalist, her work has appeared in Guernica, Think Africa Press, Brooklyn Magazine, and Idiom Magazine.

She received a B.A. in geography and globalization studies from Bard College. Her thesis, “Stranger in Your Own Land: An ethnography of rural schools and Western-educated Asomi in Kenya” was an ethnography of the African “brain drain” and its impact on post-colonial relations in East Africa.

As a writer, she is interested in global governance issues, discourses on human rights and the UN’s Responsibility to Protect initiative.

Articles by Abigail Nehring

Will a UN Fact-Finding Mission Ever Make It to Syria?

Will the world consider intervening even if they don't have all the facts?

May 20, 2013