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Christian Rieck

Christian Rieck is Professor for Finance at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

His research area is in the field of Behavioral Finance and Digitization and he is a recognized expert on the future of banking. Mr. Rieck was one of the first to apply agent based simulations to the behavior of markets.

He was head of IBM’s international center of expertise for standard software in banks (ICoE Banking) and has overseen a large number of international software projects in the banking industry.

Two of his recent books are “Digni-Money – Income in the Age of Robots” and “Can Robots Handle Money?”

Articles by Christian Rieck

DigiPension: Building Capital in the Digital Age

The new European Commission needs a new idea to make the idea of “social Europe” a reality. DigiPension is a great way to achieve that goal.

September 5, 2019

Employee Savings in a Digital World

A new way of overcoming the old division between capital and labor is needed -- at least to secure one’s old age.

September 4, 2019