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Firat Demir

Professor of economics at the University of Oklahoma in Norman

Firat Demir has been a visiting faculty member at Denison University (Ohio) and Koc University (Istanbul).

Dr. Demir is the author of over 40 articles — and the co-author of “South — South Trade and Finance in the 21st Century: Rise of the South or a Second Great Divergence,” — a book on the political economy of economic integration among developing countries.

His main fields of research include international finance and economic development, focusing on the issues of financial globalization, South-South trade and finance, long-run development and growth, political economy of development — as well as comparative economic development in Turkey and the Middle East.

His articles appeared in Development and Change, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Development Studies, Review of Development Economics, Review of Radical Political Economics, Southern Economic Journal, The World Economy and World Development — among others.

He received his Bachelor degree in Management from Bogazici University in Istanbul — and his Master and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Notre Dame in 2006. You can follow his work here.

Articles by Firat Demir

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Reflections on the fragility of academic freedoms and human rights.

February 27, 2021

Ankara Blues: Yet More Bombings

Reflections on the cheapness of life in Turkey.

October 13, 2015