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George Courmouzis

George Courmouzis is the owner of Mondial Marketing, a corporate travel and tourism enterprise in Greece.

He has been involved with the Olympic Movement since the ‘76 Montreal Games and has had various related engagements that took him to eight Olympics since. He led the team that launched the International Olympic Truce Center.

During the 2004 Athens Games, he consulted on its OCOG Structure, drafted the Local Sponsorship Strategy, initiated the creation of the Central Broadcasting Service which produced the worldwide TV coverage (now, provided local intelligence to the IOC, consulted Olympic sponsors Coca Cola, Shell and Fage, and led the JV that housed Olympic fans in private homes.

He introduced Sports Marketing and Athlete Management to the country, becoming the dominant sports agency in Greece for 30 years. He ventured in Eastern Europe, joint-ventured with BBDO Worldwide and established branches in Bulgaria and Romania.

He graduated from Greece’s elite prep school, holds a BS from UMass – Amherst (’72), where he was player-coach of the university’s Volleyball team and an MBA from Michigan State U (’74). He is fluent in Greek, English and French.

Articles by George Courmouzis

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