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George Haynal

Senior Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto

George Haynal is a Senior Fellow of the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, and a former head of the Policy Planning Staff of the Canadian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

Mr. Haynal is a career diplomat whose extensive foreign postings included service as Canadian Consul General in New York. He has also served as a senior member of the Priorities and Planning Secretariat of the Privy Council Office, head of the Policy Staff and assistant deputy minister for the Americas of the Canadian Foreign and Trade Ministry.

After public service, Mr. Haynal was vice president of international and government affairs for the aerospace and transportation company Bombardier Inc. He retired from that position in 2012.

He now serves on a number of advisory boards and heads Broad View Inc., a strategic business consultancy.

Articles by George Haynal

Extinction Of the Middle Powers? Lessons From Canada

Canada, like other middle powers on the world stage, is struggling with the new global order that gives multilateralism less clout.

February 8, 2024

Canada’s “Trucker’s Convoy”: What It Means for the Western World

Some of the key causes of frustration: A federal government with a weak electoral mandate and an agenda for social change.

February 18, 2022

Beyond Canada: What Fuels the “Trucker’s Convoy”?

The “freedom convoys” that have occupied the heart of Ottawa speak to a medley of weaknesses in Canada’s political system.

February 18, 2022

Canada: From Middle Power to Middling Presence in the World

Rather than showing dynamism on the world stage, Canada is turning inwards to manage big challenges in federal/ provincial and U.S. relations.

November 24, 2019

Battleground Ukraine: Trump Vs. the State Department

Reflections on the art of diplomacy.

November 12, 2019

Canada: At “WAR” With the US? (=Water, Arctic and Refugees)

Reflections on three key Canadian challenges coming up in bilateral relations with the U.S.

November 5, 2019

Trudeau Survives, But …

The elections have made Canadian politics more complex: It is now chess -- not checkers.

October 24, 2019

Canada’s Judgment on Trudeau

As Canada heads into elections, the vote still seems distributed in a way that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals will ultimately return to power, perhaps in a minority government.

October 19, 2019

We Are All Denmark!

A property king’s guide to U.S. foreign policy in the 21st century.

August 20, 2019

Canada Vs. China: The Huawei-Meng Crisis and Diplomacy-Free Statecraft

The Meng Wanzhou affair has profound implications for diplomacy everywhere.

January 31, 2019

The Huawei Crisis: Canada as a Proxy in US-China Relations

Canada will always be at risk of being used as a proxy as the U.S. manages internal and external conflicts.

January 4, 2019

The West, After Charlevoix

In the age of Trump, the rest of the world now stands alone.

June 11, 2018

Prisoners of English

How are native English speakers handicapping themselves by not learning other languages?

July 14, 2013