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Javier Santiso

Director, Telefónica International and Professor of Economics, ESADE Business School.

Javier Santiso is Director, Telefónica International and Professor of Economics, ESADE Business School. He is also the Chair of the OECD Emerging Markets Network (EmNet), which he created while at the OECD.

Previously, he was the Director of the OECD Development Centre and as the Chief Economist for Emerging Markets at Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA).

Before 2002, Mr. Santiso served as a Senior Expert Associate on Latin American Emerging Markets for the investment bank, Crédit Agricole Indosuez (now Calyon). He has also worked as a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank for several years.

He has been a professor of Latin American political economy at Sciences Po Paris, HEC School of Management — and at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies.

Mr. Santiso has authored more than 30 articles on international economics and emerging markets. His most recent book is "The Political Economy of Emerging Markets: Actors, Institutions and Financial Crises in Latin America" (MIT Press, 2006).

Mr. Santiso holds a B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. from Sciences Po Paris. He completed his doctoral studies at the University of Oxford. He also holds an M.B.A and an Executive M.B.A. degree from the HEC School of Management and from the IESE Business School. He also holds an Executive Leadership degree from Harvard University (Kennedy School).

In 2009, he was nominated as Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

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