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Joshi Venugopal

Novartis Country Head, Panama and West Indies

Joshi Venugopal is currently serving as the Country Head of Novartis in Panama and West Indies.

Prior to this role, Joshi served as the Assistant to the Chairman of Novartis. Joshi has a broad experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has served in various functions including research, strategy, marketing, finance and medical affairs.

Joshi holds a PhD from the University of Basel (Switzerland) and is an alumnus of Harvard Business School (USA).

He has a strong interest in improving healthcare delivery around the world. He has published several articles including in The Financial Times. His recent talk “The Biggest Myth in Healthcare” was delivered at TEDx.

Articles by Joshi Venugopal

Health Care and Productivity

Productivity means better health care costs less, not more!

October 9, 2013