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Nathan Richter

Investment professional in the sustainability and real estate sectors [Berlin, Germany]

Nathan Richter is an investment professional in the sustainability and real estate sectors. Now based in Berlin, Germany, he has extensive working experience in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Mr. Richter earned his Master’s in Management at Peking University’s HSBC Graduate Business School in Shenzhen, China. His thesis explored the capital structures of oil and gas master limited partnerships in the context of asset risk.

Attesting to his interest in sustainability, he authored a Harvard Business Review article, entitled “Is Rooftop Solar Finally Good Enough to Disrupt the Grid? Why the future looks bright — but not necessarily for utilities.”

He also co-authored another HBR article exploring the parallels and differences of U.S., German and Chinese management approaches to innovation, titled “Which Management Style Will China Adopt?”

Mr. Richter received his B.A. from the Honors College at the University of Delaware (Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa), where he studied business, economics and international political economy.

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