Patrick Mendis

Patrick Mendis, a former Rajawali senior fellow of the Kennedy School of Government’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, is an associate-in-research of the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University.

Dr. Mendis is the author of several books, including, Peaceful War: How the Chinese Dream and American Destiny Create a Pacific New World Order (2014), Commercial Providence: The Secret Destiny of the American Empire (2010), and Trade for Peace (2009). (

He served as a Pentagon professor and US diplomat during the Clinton and Bush administrations, and is currently serving as a commissioner to the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO at the State Department, an appointment by the Obama administration.

Professor Mendis previously worked in the Minnesota House of Representatives, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the World Bank, and the United Nations. The views expressed above are his own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Harvard University or the United States Government.

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